.   .   .   i   n   t   r   o   d   u   c   t   i   o   n   s   .   .   .
Contour Creative is ever-changing.
At this moment, the focus is on expanding the clothing and soft goods line through both wholesale and retail.
Although I'm passionate about many art styles, a raw and natural handmade feel is what typically comes out. The beauty of nature is my primary inspiration.
Please feel free to drop by the contact page and introduce yourself! I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you found Contour.
I'm very active on Instagram, so feel free to follow, or give a shout out with #wearcontour!
Thank you for visiting this site, it means the world.
.   .   .   h   i   s   t   o   r   y   .   .   .
To say when Contour started would be difficult.
Whether pottery or fern-impressions, my Nana always encouraged me to create. Some of my fondest memories include painting park benches in our little tourist town as a 3-year-old, sponging the Yellow Brick Road in her garage, and countless hours of pottery painting.
She encouraged me to start a line of cards she helped me put together, print, and sell locally. We called this "Dewie Designs" after the nickname my brother gave to me.
Years of high-school and college life put the card business on hold for a few years until the fall of 2014, when I decided to start selling printable designs on Etsy. This slowly turned into selling physical cards with my designs on them in local shops and markets.
In early 2015, I felt the call to make this adventure something bigger, and started to create a new name, logo, and website. About that same time, I was invited to share my goods at a First Friday event in the adorable Tumbleweed Studio. Thus, Contour Creative launched in May of 2015.
Designing cozy and unique t-shirts had been a dream for many years, but I never had the lifestyle to maintain the supplies needed. After months of research and the drive to do something about it, I presented thoughts to my husband and his only response was: "When are you going to order the supplies?"
Since then, I've strived to create clothing I would personally wear every day. With that philosophy, nothing is too fancy, it's just real. It's the every day garments that help us feel happy and comfortable in our own skin.
This is a frightening and exciting thing to dive in to, but it wouldn't be what it is today without the encouragement of the loved ones who surround me. The motivation comes from you encouraging ones and I can't express my gratitude enough for the opportunity to share.